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Journalism is No Longer a Viable Career & the Pharmaceutical Industry is the Least Trusted!

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Fake News HeadlineaMISH covidJournalism is no longer a viable career. Mainstream media has turned to propaganda artists who simply are like the Nazis as they claimed at Nuremberg that they were just following orders. This excuse is not going to cut it in the future for when the people do rise up, which they will do because of the unsustainable agenda of this Great Reset, journalists will become thrown in with the politicians and conspirators against the freedom of the people. Indeed, the Gallup Poll showed that trust in the media was once 68% to 72% in the 1970s. It fell to 44% in 2004 and never gotten back above 47%. Now, trust in the media has now fallen to as low as 32%. Meanwhile, 60% of Democrats want BigTech to silence effectively Republicans. Yet the least trusted industry now is the pharmaceutical industry as they try to force everyone to be vaccinated yet have immunity for any liability as does BigTech.


There are some exceptions as the editor-in-chief of Weltwoche. As they are saying, the enemy is not the virus, it is within. There are those who have terrorized the people with fake news to further the fake climate change agenda a little bit at a time. They know if they ever told the truth, the people would never comply. So they have introduced this virus introduced the hygiene dictatorship with scare tactics, justify it and move on endlessly. There is no question that if they told the public anyone who has a job dependent upon fossil fuels you must surrender your job, your future, and that of your family for the greater good of the planet. They know they could never sell that agenda. COVID does not seem to impact people if they do not watch TV.


Dan Rather warned about the corruption in the media and that was before this nonsense of COVID. These anti-democratic people involved in this Great Reset have to be kicked out of their office for they will destroy the Western culture, society, and economy. I have warned many times that war NEVER comes when everyone is fat and happy. Turn down the economy and you get political unrest.

A general DISOBEDIENCE is starting to rise. Every country, state, and province that has witnessed its future trashed thanks to lockdowns that have NEVER before ever been imposed in the past 6,000 years for claimed health reasons will eventually rise up in rebellion. That is what our computer has been projecting and I have been highlighting at our World Economic Conferences since 2011.