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Hurricane Idalia – I’m Supposed to be Dead – But I think I Survived

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Thank you for all the emails concerned about the storm and my survivability. If I listened to the news, I surely must be dead, so I am writing this from upstairs. I hunkered down this time. I have had enough of the news for all they do is go to the worst place they can find and stay there. The last storm, I went to Orlando so I could be in the middle of it for it did not touch my house. Then, I did not know if it was safe to drive home, for the news never says anything about the places that are fine. I had to ask a worker in the hotel who said he drives to work each day, and there was no problem on I4.

Mainstream Media is just FAKE news on every subject. All they care about is ratings. They provide no actual public service. This time, I refused to leave, and everything was fine. The water barely reached my wall, and there was no flooding. I have been in far worse storms, even in New Jersey.

My home is a fortress. It is all block – not wood, I am 17 feet up not on the ground, and all the ground around my house is covered in concrete. It would be nice to have a real news agency that would tell the truth without all the hype. I could not believe a girl on Fox News standing on a road in Tampa talking about seeing the storm surge – OMG. It was, at best 3 inches on the road.

Honestly, they offer no public service whatsoever. They focus on the disaster and never tell the full story in anything.