COVID-19 Miracle Cure for All Other Disease Prevents Heart Attacks

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If you want to become a doctor right now you can become one without years of training in New York City. Just attribute all deaths to COVID-19 so Governor Cuomo can justify keeping everyone locked down in a desperate attempt to boost Democrats for the 2020 elections. It is astonishing how COVID-19 has become a miracle cure for all diseases. Nobody is dying of even a heart attack for the last two weeks. Just sneeze, and that is good enough to classify you with Coronavirus.



Meanwhile, in Germany, the first real study has revealed that only 0.37% of coronavirus infected people die from it. According to this, the death rate of the novel virus is only around 0.4%. Our sources in Italy were reporting that NOBODY was dying from Coronavirus alone. They typically had some other disease.

The media has threatened our liberty, our livelihood, and the national security of the nation with FAKE NEWS as always. Something as to be done to stop these people from undermining our freedom and civil liberties worldwide.