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Liberty Once Lost is Lost Forever Without Political Change

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Freedom Liberty Lockdown

COMMENT: Martin:
Your blog about the press destroying their own jobs and the last paragraph describing what may happen if this lockdown isn’t lifted before May 1st the models warn of a 13 year decline into 2032. That appears to be inevitable based upon the ECM and capital flow moving into the private sector. Not even European and Asian originating capital will want to invest in US Treasuries seeing less taxes being collected. European and Asian capital will flow into US equities as the ONLY safe haven. In a previous blog it was mentioned that Finland’s largest bank is prohibiting people from accessing their own security deposit boxes without a valid reason. The ECB is moving towards its own cryptocurrency. The US Democrats have put a placeholder for a US cryptocurrency in the latest Coronavirus aid law. Socrates is predicting Trump to win the upcoming election because COVID-19 will subside before the election and the Republicans & Trump will use it against the Democrats. Like you said though, what happens after Trump? Will the Democrats, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton and NY Bankers have their way like they are doing during this COVID-19? They now know a means/method to herd the world population. Will we fall for it again? As you have said in the past, individuals try to learn from their past mistakes, but society is prone to repeat it.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with those that wish to listen and learn. Thank you for leaving a legacy that I pray more people will read and remove the hood covering their eyes.

french revolution

REPLY: I hope we do not go gradually into that darkness of tyranny. I fear most of all for my family and what I will leave behind at the close of my life. So I rage against the dying light of freedom, not for myself, but for my legacy. All I can say is I pray for civilization, for this lockdown is the first step toward tyranny and we are slipping gradually into that darkness where the tree of liberty withers and dies. This is the true price of socialism. It is never about the people, it is only about empowering the state. When freedom is lost, it can never be restored by peaceful means if history is a witness to the folly of human society. Liberty once lost is lost forever. There have been bloodless revolutions as was the case in Russia in 1991. That requires the military and the police to open their eyes and realize they are defending tyranny against their own families. If that can be accomplished, then the mighty fall without the arm of oppression.