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What is a Real Neocon?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong:

I’ve been called a Neocon, before the 2016 election, and denied it. I’m not sure Wikipedia has a correct definition, and they sure don’t have one of you. What is a good definition of a Neocon?

I enjoy your articles.


Kristol Anti Trump

ANSWER: I looked up the term and you are right. It seems to be misused and certainly not understood. Neocons are NOT “conservatives” from an economic viewpoint for they exist in both parties for I have been solicited and have had deep discussions about the view.

Bill Kristol is a chief Neocon but he was out to overthrow Trump. A true Neocon is not really concerned about the economics and free trade theories. They are ONLY concerned with foreign policy and want to see their enemies defeated at all costs. Bill Kristol hated Trump because he would not wage war. Economics is out the window. Marxism is OK just as long as you wage war he can watch on TV like a football game and cheer when the people he hates are dead.

So “my” definition of a Neocon has NOTHING to do with the economics, free markets, or anti-socialism. There are Neocons who only see war and hatred who are on BOTH sides and exist be they LEFT or RIGHT.

Putin has been in power for over 20 years. He has NOT sought to expand Russia to the old Soviet Union nor has he sought to reestablish Communism as the Neocons have alleged. This as been their propaganda to stir up hatred against Russia which is their Archenemy. When they are finished with Russia, they will turn against China. They do not believe in peace.