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What if They are Wrong?

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NATO_Defeat Russia_in_3_Days Adam KinzingerYour future will be utterly destroyed because of these Neocons who are consumed with personal hatred of Russians. They are pushing American policymakers, arguing that Putin is bluffing and we can, therefore, destroy Russia, and he will never fire a shot. They insist that Putin won’t put his money where his mouth is regarding escalation. Adam Kinzinger, who is the classic Neocon – a Republican congressman from Illinois who jumped ship and ran to CNN so he could preach World War III after losing the election because of his views. He is now CNN’s senior political commentator.

This is the same Adam Kinzinger who insanely claimed that we could “TAKE OUT” Russia in three days! I guess we could wipe out China in 4.5 days and then rule the world so nobody will retaliate. I have NEVER heard such reckless commentary in my entire life. And he is joined by another Neocon, Ben Hodges, a retired United States Army officer who served as commanding general of United States Army Europe.

We have a very dangerous situation brewing, and Neocons are just so consumed by their personal hatred they are threatening civilization. As a hedge fund manager, you NEVER take a position without understanding where you are wrong. These people would NEVER be a trader because they clearly assume they will win, and Russia and China would NEVER retaliate and just fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness and lick their shoes while they are there.

If hate crimes are to be enforced, they should drag these people out of office, lock them up in the hole, and throw away the key. They do not deserve the death penalty, for that is far too easy. People WRONGLY I think the death penalty is the worst. There are plenty of people in prison for life who would take that option if it was offered. These Neocons have weaseled their way into positions of power to manipulate the power of the United States for their personal vendettas.  They are a threat to world peace and your future. People like Adam Kinzinger and Ben Hodges are very dangerous and will bring the United States to its destiny with the fall from the financial capital of the world.


This only lends credence to those telling Putin he should nuke Kiev and then ask the world is this where you want to go. They can do as the Americans did to Japan and drop leaflets, giving them a few days to get out of town. If they did what the Americans did and dropped these warnings, then they can argue they have done nothing different from the Americans. However, the argument is that then the people will see Russia is not bluffing, and they will round up these Neocons and lock them up where they belong.

Perhaps that is the only way to prevent a complete all-out nuclear war. The average person has to wake up and demand that their governments back off. Should we all destroy our future and that of our children and grandchildren all for the Donbas? Since the Ukrainians are denied a right to vote to remove Zelensky, they need to storm this palace to save their own country. Nearly 10 million have fled Ukraine, and Ukrainians are not allowed to decide their own fate, for that comes from Blinken in Washington.

They are pushing this nonsense that Putin is bluffing with his warning of nuclear escalation. NATO’s Secretary General, another sad representative of humanity, Jens Stoltenberg, has also dismissed the likelihood of Western aid to Ukraine leading to Russian retaliation. Personally, to save the world, NATO should be utterly destroyed. The Biden administration is controlled by Blinken and his other conflicted Neocons with lineages back to Ukraine who all profess their families were persecuted by Russians. They have usurped the power of the United States for personal gain, and there is NOBODY in Congress with the courage to save our nation.

Blinken makes the decisions, and the debate shows that Biden is not running the country. Blinken controls the Biden Administration, allowing Ukraine to use US weapons to wage war inside Russia now directly —a red line the administration previously refused to cross. If I hire a hitman to tell him to kill someone, I cannot then claim innocence in court because he pulled the trigger, not me.

Historically, let me make this perfectly clear to these people who are bringing the world to destruction. War has ALWAYS escalated when their red lines are crossed. The assumption that Putin is bluffing is self-serving by people who just hate Russians. Historically, countries usually DO NOT bluff, and when they make such threats, they are eventually carried out.

Sun Tzu

Indeed, if Blinkin and his other morally corrupt individuals ever studied history, they would discover multiple historical examples that show how this proposition has led to death, destruction, and the disastrous fall of empires, nations, and city-states. For centuries, Chinese general Sun Tzu has been revered for his wisdom in dealing with wars over the centuries. These Neocons have waged endless wars since Vietnam under the pretense that they must defeat Russia. As Tzu warned: “There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.” Nearly 2/3rds of our national debt is because of war – not social benefits. Since we NEVER pay off our debt, we then pay interest forever on every war, and the veterans have to be provided healthcare for life for their service.

Sun Su Art of War Know Your Enemy

Putin is the ONLY wise man or adult in the room. Putin trusts Sun Tzu’s words: “Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” This arrogance is filling the air, and it is so obvious that the West will lose. Clearly, the arrogance of our Neocons ensures that history will repeat itself, for they do not know their enemy at all. Even Sun Tzu said:

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

Even if we closely look at World War II, we can see how these Neocons learned nothing. Japan’s logic behind its attack on Pearl Harbor is an important example of miscalculating an adversary’s willingness to escalate. FDR was doing everything to entice Japan to war, just as the US and Europe were doing to Russia. The Japanese did not understand that FDR wanted Japan to attack because Congress kept rejecting a Declaration of War to enter Europe. The Japanese misunderstood that America would not retaliate as our Neocons seem to be suggesting with Russia today that Putin is only bluffing.

7 26 1941 US Freeze Japan AssetsWhen Japan occupied French Indochina in 1941, America retaliated by freezing all Japanese assets in the states, just as they had done to Russia. FDR prevented Japan from purchasing oil. Having lost 94% of its oil supply and unwilling to submit to U.S. demands, Japan planned to take the oil needed by force. However, striking south into British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies would almost certainly provoke an armed U.S. response. To blunt that response, Japan decided to attack the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, hoping that the U.S. would negotiate peace.

Hawaii Tribune
Yamamoto IsorokuThe attack at Pearl Harbor was a huge gamble that obviously was wrong for Japan. FDR used Pearl Harbor to justify getting into World War II both in Europe and the Pacific. Instead of reverting to isolationism as Japan miscalculated, the U.S. geared up for total war, and Japan’s fate was sealed. This was FDR’s plan all along. The U.S. had already broken the Japanese code and knew in advance when Pearl Harbor would take place.

At the time, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (1884-1943) was the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He wrongly assumed that by attacking Pearl Harbor, the Americans would back off and stop meddling in the Pacific. Ultimately, the Japanese military thought such an attack would shock the United States into a negotiated settlement. Obviously, Yamamoto did not know his enemy. As Sun Tzu said;
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
Kinzinger is clearly making the same mistake as Yamamoto. The Russian people do NOT see Putin as a tyrant – it is America who they see as hating the Russian people. They love to claim Putin arrests opponents, yet the Biden Administration not only charged Trump in multiple cases, they have gone after all his supporters and even charged 1400 people for January 6th when state capitols have been stormed over issues like abortion, but nobody charges them.
Korean War Max Hastings
The Korean War is yet another striking example of this arrogance and misjudgment of an enemy. In 1950, General Douglas MacArthur, the leader of the United Nations Command, pushed American-led forces up the Korean peninsula against the North Korean military. Max Hastings, the military historian, wrote in his book The Korean War how MacArthur insisted on using American forces to achieve a complete victory against the North Koreans. He thought he could drive the troops up the Korean peninsula to the Yalu River, the border with China. However, Chinese officials made it clear to American and UN officials that they should not push their forces past the river. American intelligence reports also showed that PLA military forces were mobilizing in the regions adjacent to the Yalu River. Still, MacArthur insisted that the Chinese would not enter this war. MacArthur’s assessment also proved completely wrong as the Chinese troops began pouring into Korea in October 1950, marking one of the turning points in the Korean War. Yet here we have Adam Kinzinger reassuring the world that they can do as they like and Putin will never respond, for he is just bluffing.
September 13 1962
Even if we look closely at Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s decision to send nuclear missiles to Cuba in 1962, once again, he failed to judge America for making the classic mistake our Neocons are doing today with Russia. On September 13, 1962, President Kennedy warned Khrushchev against turning Cuba into a Soviet base.
“If at any time the Communist build-up in Cuba were to endanger or interfere with our security in any way . . . or if Cuba should ever . . . become an offensive military base of significant capacity for the Soviet Union, then this country will do whatever must be done to protect its own security and that of its allies.”
However, Khrushchev called Kennedy’s “bluff” and decided to send medium-range nuclear missiles to Cuba. He thought Kennedy was a weak leader and believed that his administration would NEVER do anything to counter this maneuver, fearing nuclear war. Kinzinger is advocating the very same assumptions of Khrushchev that the United States under the Kennedy administration, which was anti-war, was bluffing. What followed from Khruschev’s misjudgment led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, where the world was on the edge of nuclear war over a thirteen-day period. Khruschev tested Kennedy’s resolve, and clear thinking returned. Then, the two met face to face.
Nero Temple of Janus AE Sestertius RIC 267

JanusThe Roman god Janus was the god of the beginning and ending of conflict, hence war and peace. In ancient Rome, the Temple of Janus stood in the Roman Forum with doors on both ends. Inside was a statue of Janus, who is always represented as the two-faced god. The doors of his temple were open in times of war and closed to mark peace. During a war, the Romans understood that things could change politically during the war. During peace, everything was stable.

Janus (Ianuarius) is depicted as having two faces because he simultaneously looks to the future and the past. So, when we celebrate New Year’s Eve, we say goodbye to the past and hello to the future, which is a concept stemming from Janus, for which January is named. This ancient concept illustrated the stark difference between war and peace. During the war, you NEVER know when they will end, and you certainly are not guaranteed the outcome.

Our Neocons and the press are cheering war and are telling everyone that Putin is bluffing just, and MacArthur misread the Chinese, and the Japanese, and Kruschev both misjudged America. They have thrown caution to the win and ASSUME that they will be victorious. History warns that both sides believe they will be victorious, but in the end, only one is. This is not a roulette table where we put everything in red or black and presume we will win. They are playing with the lives of so many people, all for their personal hatreds.


The entire movement of the BRICS has nothing to do with gold and fiat since all currencies are fiat. This is geopolitical, and the arrogance of our NEOCONS has turned countries against us. Once they imposed sanctions on Russia and removed them from SWIFT, the dollar became a weapon, and nations realized that if they did not do as Blinken commands, they, too, would be sanctioned and removed from the SWIFT system. Thank our NEOCONS for destroying the world economy.