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Neocons will NEVER Surrender their Power Now

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It does not matter how many missiles, jets, tanks etc that ukraine have been sent they are losing big time. Douglas Macgregor also states this. Why can the neocons not give up that they are failing miserably?


ANSWER: The Neocons hide in the shadows and stab our nation in the back, and nobody bothers to investigate. This is their life goal. This is their last chance. They do not care about the people dying. They do not care about America. Remember Victoria Nuland’s comment if the EU did not do as she commanded: “Fuck the EU!”

Ukraine is free. This is all propaganda. It is the Donbas that is fighting for their freedom from Ukrainian oppression. That was supposed to have been guaranteed by the Minsk Agreement. Zelensky is destroying his country only to sell out the agricultural land to Blackrock. He hopes Putin wipes out all their houses so he can confiscate their land and sell it all to Blackrock and retire to Miami.


The Neocons are sick people. If they were on the street and took pleasure in just killing people, they would be a psychopath carrying out hate crimes and subject to the death penalty. As long as they hide in Washington, they can organize mass murders, and nobody says anything. The press will not even investigate. But this is just a sign of the times as we head into 2032.