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Sweden War-Mongers Ready to Start WWIII

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2024_03_07_18_26_06_Sweden joins Nato

COMMENT: Hello; I just wanted to comment that the arrays on Sweden have predicted the two-year wait for NATO, and it got it down to the month. I just wanted to say that all we have had here is doom and gloom, and Russia will attack any day now. The press claimed Sweden is neutral. I do not think they know our war history with Russia for several hundred years.

Thank you for Socrates. It always gets the time right.


Swedish_Krona_Spot_Array Y 5 15 22

ANSWER:  I think you are correct. For those who do not know the history of Sweden, they used to be a major power. There have been 15 wars with Russia since 1475 – about one on average every 30 years or so. The Yearly Array was a major turning point and a Double Directional Change. That indeed marked this war-mongering for the past two years. Sweden has NOT been neutral. They have been supplying weapons to Ukraine to further advance the war against Russia. Neutrality means you stay out, and they have both feet in.

2024_Sweden_war with Russia

Yes, the war-mongering has been on schedule. You have your version of Neocons as well who also just want war at all costs.

Swedish Krona M Array 3 7 24

March was the target, and we had a Directional Change in April. May is the next turning point, but we have a Panic Cycle in September, which is showing up internationally in many markets and virtually most countries. This was a dark day for Sweden. Your war-mongers cannot wait to start a war, and it looks like they may get it before the US elections.

Prague Memorial to Communism

We have such fools in all governments. They are being told to start a war and are too stupid to comprehend that there are those who want to eliminate 50% of the population to save the planet.