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YouTube Removes Older Documentaries Showing Corruption at WHO

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The censorship being imposed by Youtube, Facebook, and others trying to crush any resistance to being locked-down is astonishing. This documentary has been out for years. They are now reviewing anything that exposures the truth of the World Health Organization and the corruption that is systemic. We need to write to everyone in Congress and demand an investigation into WHO. If we do not do this, we have lost all our freedoms.

Conspiracy tin foil hats

Taking this documentary down which has been out for years is a major warning of how we are entering an era indistinguishable from the old Soviet Union and Pravda – the Truth. Nobody removes conspiracy theories about aliens or alien abductions. So why remove anything that calls into question vaccines and the World Health Organization? I bet if anyone came out with a youtube post calling into question Bill Gates and his wife and what they are making from vaccines it would be removed.


The ONLY reason to remove anything that calls into question the WHO or vaccines and the truth of the coronavirus scam is that it is hitting too close to the real truth. They are counting on people being obedient to authority and willing to surrender all human rights because the mob acts like a herd of sheep waiting to be told what to do next.

I would love to see a REAL poll taken about who believes this virus on a week by week basis.