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Will We Starve? Do Politicians Even Understand What They Are Doing?

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Best of health to you and your family.
What i observe and it is amazing is that every-day-ordinary people like me, are very worried but they are underestimating the disaster that will follow.
Everyone says it is gonna be bad but when i am expressing my opinion on how black will be the days to come, they think i am an alien talking nuts.
But my question is the following:
How the system will treat all these people that will starve? Soon, will not be able to pay our rents – including myself. So, in practice, how are they gonna handle it? Give us vouchers? We will start to beat one each other to death for survival while in the queue…
I am very very worried. I got already -25% on my salary and soon it will get to zero. Then what?
What are the governments gonna do?
Thank you from my heart for what you do.
You bring light to our eyes.
SM – from Europe

ANSWER: This is so irrational that it is hard to even speculate. From working with governments for over 40 years, I have come to understand that no politician will ever act for the future. Their incentive is only the next election. With that in mind, I have to assume that they are only looking at the immediate action. I believe they have realized that the ECB is trapped and that Keynesian Economics is dead. They can only be looking at this as a means to default and reshape the monetary system. They are not looking at the economic damage and people think life will return to normal just as soon as this lockdown ends. But the destruction to the economy and wiping out so many small businesses is condemning society to poverty. Economic growth will decline most likely into 2032.

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I do not think these people can see beyond this year. Even Gates is obsessed with his climate change and vaccines, yet he has no concept of what he has done to society or how long it takes to build what we had. The average life expectancy was 45 in the middle ages. If the economy collapses, so will the life expectancy. Is that Gates’ goal? Does he think we can have a future with no industry, ZERO CO2, no cars, and still a perfect world? Gates has three children. What kind of future will he leave them? Money cannot buy them a life if society is destroyed. All his money will become worthless.

Society will rise up and we will head into war. What is left might be just a shadow of what it once was. We will have to rebuild again after 2032.