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The Total Collapse in Confidence of Government on Every Level

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Confidence in Government

QUESTION: Greetings!
You have said “they” want the economy to turn down, this is their goal with all the lockdowns.
So now you say that if the economy has a low after March it will mean a decline into 2023.
Does this mean “they” are winning if this happens?


ANSWER: No. This is the most disastrous economic mess I think I have ever seen in history or my personal career. Here we have a collapse in the confidence of governments thanks to the COVID regulations. There is even confusion in businesses in NYC do they demand masks or is that now out completely? The WEF conspirators thought they would win. Just look at the Truckers who have brought Trudeau to his knees.

Russian Invasion Troops

Biden and Western Leaders are begging Putin to PLEASE invade Ukraine. They now think this will provide the distraction they need to escape from their disastrous COVID scam that was the brainchild of the WEF and has FAILED to work.

IntRate Manipulate

Now, add to this mess, we are staring in the face of a total collapse in the confidence of central banks. They have nothing they can do about this type of inflation. Raising rates will have ZERO impact upon shortages other than making them worse. The Fed can keep raising rates until they hit 20%. All they will do is bankrupt more companies in the supply chain, bankrupt emerging markets, and in the end, the shortages will get far worse and prices will soar.

Exxon Gas Prices

We are facing the total collapse of any confidence in government I suppose this is part of the computer warning that 2022 is a Panic Cycle Year in politics. Even the WEF crew has lost control. As an EXXON Gas Station boldly posted: “YOU ASSHOLES VOTED DEMOCRAT” and we now see what we will get when the only agenda is Climate Change.