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The Collapse of California – 2022?

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See Peter Santenello’s Video on Facebook – Unfortunately

This is the REAL California. They are so far to the left, there is no more rule of law. Why should anyone pay for anything? If everyone went to the store and stole $950, they would bring California’s economy to a dead halt. Perhaps this is what needs to be done. Their vision for the future of America is absolutely insane!

Schumer Pelosi

The real insanity is that the two states that are the absolute worst in the country, California and New York where more people are fleeing from than anywhere else, are the very ones imposing their ideas now upon the entire country. California became a state on September 9, 1850. Cyclically, California goes into an absolute economic crisis in 2022! So readers in California, the worst is yet to come! Don’t forget your thank you cards to Newsom and Pelosi.