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Stimulus Checks Sent to Deceased People

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Stimulus IDA R

Neither my sister nor I collect Social Security. Nevertheless, she received a check in the mail made out to my deceased mother, and it says “DECD” for her stimulus check of $1,200. Not exactly sure what to do with this check. How would we cash it? This is really confusing. It will probably cost $1,000 for legal advice to figure out if the check should be cashed or if they would call it fraud because we knew she was deceased, even though it is made out to her as deceased. Sort of a trick question with consequences.

Bubble Gum Machine

This is why I say the government is just incapable of ever doing anything whatsoever. They would never be able to run even a bubblegum machine. When they sold out of gum, they would need three committees to investigate, and a fourth one to figure out how much to raise taxes to buy more bubblegum. The Justice Department would need to investigate if someone got two pieces of gum with one coin, provided they are not related to a politician.