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Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

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QUESTION: Do you think there is some single plot behind this Coronavirus scare?


ANSWER: No. It seems that there are a lot of people using this Coronavirus for personal political agendas. Illinois Tollway is now using it to implement All-Electronic Tolling as Precaution Against Spread of Coronavirus. You have others in Europe saying they should be nationalizing companies since they cannot be bailout under EU rules. Others are using it and blaming Trump as if any government can really prevent such a pandemic.

I do not think this is a single-minded plot. However, history also demonstrates that they will always take advantage of a good crisis. In Europe, the central bank is already at negative rates. There is nothing left for them to do. This is now turning to emergency political measures. The drive to use this as the excuse to eliminate paper currency is a side-benefit on their wish list and this does provide the excuse to justify that action.

Whatever measures you see, they rarely ever reverse. They tend to be permanent.