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End Private Donations to FDA & CDC – NOW!

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Gates FDA

Our greatest problem has been that Bill Gates has his tentacles deeply involved in the CDC and FDA while he has a major shareholding in the vaccine companies. If I was managing a big public fund or just a big private investor, the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and every other central bank in the world would NEVER be allowed to talk to me. Even when I would go to meetings in Europe, I was not allowed to bring a British staff member as he might be biased toward Britain.

This is EXTREMELY UNETHICAL for the FDA and CDC to be involved with Gates. There is no way government agencies should be allowed to take money from any outside source. We pay more than enough taxes to cover their expenses and now we have a nightmare with Fauci engaging in gain-of-function research. Fauci refuses to reveal that perhaps government money did not flow to Wuhan, but money diverted from Gates did. If that were true, then Gates with his financial interests tied to vaccines created the worst INSIDER TRADING scandal in modern history. The SEC will never investigate for they too are compromised. They will attack Musk for comments, but never Bill Gates who need not swim across the Potomac River when he visits Washington, he need only walk upon the water. CNN would support Gates and say he had no choice but to walk upon the water for he does not know how to swim.

End ALL Private Donations to the FDA, CDC, AND UN’s WHO NOW!