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DOWN UNDER & the Great Reset

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QUESTION: Re, the distorted job market.
We currently run a short term accommodation business in NSW, Australia. For about 3 years we have been trying to hire housekeepers. What we slowly learned was what you mentioned in your blog. We would get at least 40 applications for the one position. Then I would break it down to the top 5. I would close the job ad. Then none would answer the phone. A local guy told me that all they have to do is apply to show it to the unemployment agency to keep their benefits. The long term effect will be devastating. We have decided to stop expanding our business purely because we can’t find workers willing to do at a minimum 15 hours per week. It’s a joke.
How does Australia fit into this whole climate change/great reset when we are so heavily dependant on commodities exports?

ANSWER: This is why the government is simply incompetent. The people who write these laws know absolutely nothing. I was in our London office, and I was asked to urgently fly over to a major client in Germany, a public corporation. They had wanted to reduce their workforce by 20% and needed permission from the government to do so. They agreed and at the last minute, they said it was not “fair” that the company pick and choose. They had to make the offer with 100,00DM to give up your job willingly. All the best people took the money and ran because they knew they could get a job elsewhere. The company was left with the very people they wanted to fire.

When I got to the board meeting, the firm appointed as adviser to the pension fund, and then most of the board resigned. The chairman told me he had to leave because the company would go bankrupt and he did not want that on his resume.

I lost my health insurance under Obamacare which was Blue Cross. They said it did not comply because it did not have maternity leave and coverage for children. I said I was not married. Obamacare imposed maternity leave on everyone, regardless of age or marital status. When they sent me new cards, they included cards for children I did not have under 26. When I called them, they said I was not “paying anything extra,” for it was included, and the price doubled.

Here we have absolute stupidity. The unemployed keep getting money, pretending they are looking for jobs by simply making a phone call and never showing up. Then you walk around and see signs everywhere — “HELP WANTED!”

The fate of Australia is in the hands of incompetent bureaucrats. These people really think they can flip the world economy GREEN in two years or less and think this will all be a walk in the park. Commodity prices will rise because of incompetence and the attempt by the government to reduce the supply of anything they deem a threat to the world economy.

Green New Deal

Schwab’s World Economic Forum has sold this Great Reset:

  1.  Digital currency will eliminate crime & tax avoidance
  2.  New Modern Monetary Theory means they can create money without debt or inflation
  3. Create millions of GREEN jobs without mentioning they will lose 10 times as many elsewhere
  4. Guaranteed Basic Income to keep the permanently unemployed home watching censored TV