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Confidence Declining

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Legal Persecution

COMMENT: Marty, I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. The logic that the market commentators make is nonsense. Bloomberg wrote, “Bets on a rate hike in 2023 fell after worse-than-expected economic numbers bolstered hopes the Fed can pause in September.” So you are right. They are cheering worse economic numbers because interest rates will decline. You are correct. Rising interest rates show demand for money and an expanding economy. But rates decline with economic declines, and stocks typically drop. I feel stupid that I never saw that for myself. It seems people are losing confidence in the government with this persecution of Trump and hiding the corruption of the Bidens. Everyone you talk to is just fed up with politicians.

No wonder the mainstream press will never quote you because you make sense.



PS Stay safe with this storm. We do need you.

Mill John Stuart Legal Persecution

REPLY: I understand what you are saying. I realized that the analysis changed after 1929 because we became socialists when I wrote The Great Bull Market in History in 1986. What did the Fed want us to do? How high should we jump? The economy is preparing to turn down with the ECM by May 2024. Consumer Confidence among Americans dropped the most in two years. Many of my clients overseas now see the fate of America much more clearly than domestic Americans. They view that once the Democrats have used the law to persecute Trump legally while the evidence about corruption with the Bidens goes unanswered, the confidence in government is collapsing.

I fear they will rush this whole CBDC agenda and move toward a much more Totalitarian State because they can feel their power slipping through their fingers. This abuse of the law is one of the critical issues that precede the decline and fall of a nation.


There is clear evidence that supports an impeachment trial, if not a criminal prosecution of Biden and his son. Documents have surfaced that show that Joe Biden was NOT acting in line with U.S. policy as VP when he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine until Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was fired! That was personal and not the policy of the US government. The prosecutor Shokin was investigating the precise corruption at Burisma Holdings, which paid Hunter Biden over $1,000,000. Shokin says that the Biden’s were bribed to terminate his investigation. While the Democrats want to imprison Trump, they refuse to discuss any of these documents because they knowingly used these exact lies as the pretense of impeaching President Trump.

There is now an October 2015 memo that summarizes the recommendation of the Interagency Policy Committee. That task force was created to advise the Obama White House on the notorious corruption in Ukraine and whether they were trying to clean it up. That was necessary for more aid. These documents show that U.S. policy did not call for a threat to withhold funding unless this prosecutor investigating corruption was fired.

IMF Threatens Ukraine 2016

Biden made the threat in December 2015, two months after the memo was published, and no other documents show the U.S. policy called for Shokin to be fired. On top of that, even the IMF in FEBRUARY 2016 threatened to cut off funding for Ukraine unless they showed progress in reforming corruption.

By November 2016, Biden is telling Poroshenko not to ask for any more money for Trump may start to investigate. I know Ukraine. I was asked to take them on as a client, and the first words were we can pay you offshore so you do not have to pay taxes. I said thank you very much, but I declined. You cannot imagine the level of corruption in Ukraine. It is the MOST corrupt government perhaps ever to have existed anywhere in the world, no matter what decade or century.


Prosecuting Trump and all of these prosecutors coordinating these attacks while the Justice Department does NOTHING with the Bidens is indeed collapsing the confidence in government. This is all part of the decline and fall of Republics, which is what 2032 is all about. I have a lot on my table right now. Another book I am working on is a review of the various forms of government and what worked and what failed – the good – the bad – the ugly. This will probably be ready in January.

2023 Mark_Antony_Legions

The last book is now out at Barnes & Noble on the truth behind Cleopatra – the real version, not the WOKE nonsense that she was black. I used the coinage to show the real story, where there was no steamy love affair; she was a brilliant woman who used Mark Antony to create a civil war in hopes that the once first-world empire of Alexander the Great would defeat Rome and her son by Julius Caesar would restore the throne of the Ptolemies. The Legionary Denarii of Mark Antony was funded by Cleopatra, and up to 100 years later, the amount of money was so great that these coins accounted for 20% of the money supply a century later. Sorry, whatever movie you watched or were taught in school was fake news.

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