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West’s Desperate Play for War – Blowing Up The Pipelines

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The sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines was most likely accomplished with US intelligence. Not only is the Biden Administration intent on ending fossil fuels, but this was a strategic maneuver on how to wage war. Just as adversaries would counterfeit each other’s currencies in a desperate measure to undermine their economy to strip them of the ability to fund the war, blowing up these pipelines was a deliberate blow to inflict a death blow to the Russian economy they believe they have Putin on the ropes. Ending Russia’s #1 income, energy, they believe will undermine Putin and lead to a domestic revolution. The problem for the Russian people is that the West will NEVER accept Russia as an equal member. They indeed want to kill the bear completely.

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Naturally, there are those claiming Russia blew up the pipelines. Just before this sabotage, Putin said to lift the sanctions and he will return the gas flow as reported on September 7th, 2022. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY that Putin sabotages those pipelines for that was his bargaining chip. He could have simply turned off the valve. That leverage is now gone. He cannot now say lift the sanctions and I will turn on the gas. This was done by the climate zealots who have control of most Western governments. To even blame Russia is in reality proof that they know that this was a strategic play by the West most likely carried out with US intelligence.


The Minsk Agreement brokered by Germany and France was to allow the Donbas to vote on their separation from Ukraine. The West has totally reneged on all of that and this is intentional for the objective here is this Great Reset and the end of fossil fuels. Khruschev grew up there in the Donbas and was in charge of Kiev rebuilding it after World War II before he rose to the leadership of Russia. His successor was Brezhnev who was also born there in the Donbas. This has been occupied by the Russian people since the days of the Tsars. The border of Ukraine was NEVER Ukraine as a nation-state. It was drawn solely by Khruschev for administrative purposes. The Donbas and Crimea were always predominantly Russian


Ukraine Map


The West simply refuses to recognize that the people in that region are Russian and would naturally vote to join Russia for they are hated by the Ukrainians. In 2014, it was the West that installed a “temporary” government in Ukraine which was UNELECTED and they immediately upon orders from the USA, launched a civil war and attacked the Donbas.



This is so unnecessary and I cannot imagine any world leader before Biden would have DELIBERATELY set the stage for war with Russia. The problem is, Biden is not mentally competent. The climate zealots are running the White House. All they care about is destroying the world’s capacity to produce and utilize fossil fuels.

World War III Ahead

Unfortunately, our computer has NEVER been wrong on these major trends. It is the ONLY unbiased means of seeing the future for it is not based upon any human opinion for that is all any analyst has at his disposal right now.  There is no question that these climate change zealots are out of control. They will kill more people than Marx could ever have imagined. World War III is materializing if we like it or not. We so desperately need a political revolution and vote these people out of their offices to overthrow all of these climate zealots controlling world leaders from behind the teleprompters to even hope to reduce the amplitude of what is on the horizon.

World Leaders Reagan Thatcher



I have met and advised many world leaders. NEVER in my 40-year career have I EVER witnessed such an absurd group of world leaders who are just hurling the world into a major global war all over fossil fuels. There are no peacemakers. Like Biden, all they are doing is reading the words written by someone else. Biden is incompetent and will lead the world into disaster and the real sad part about it, he is clueless as to the risks he is subjecting the entire population of the world to over fossil fuels.