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It’s Just Our Turn

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This is not my only source about terrorist cells moving into the USA because Biden has opened the borders. The open border has had two objectives. Democrats in Texas are already pushing that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. They are being joined nationally and Biden will do an executive order to allow them to vote pre-2024  if we even get to an election.

The Democrats see this as changing America to wipe out the Republican opponents. The LEFT has determined to end freedom and democracy just like Zelinsky – it will be their way or no way! I have been to Texas recently, where people are concerned about the flood of illegal aliens.

However, they have DELIBERATELY allowed terrorist cells to enter so they can justify more restraints upon our freedom to even move. Welcome to the decline and fall of the United States. Don’t get upset. Communism fell in 1989. It’s just our turn since there are 34 years to this cycle.