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Is America Committing the Sin of Athens?

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This is the growing view of the United States thanks to the Neocons who are always scheming and want nothing but endless wars because they cannot sleep at night without hating someone as an enemy. Robert McNamara (1916 – 2009) who was a Neocon, at least repented for how he was wrong and let the country into a Vietnam War.  This Indian politician is explaining a view of America from the outside that I hear all the time, but you will never see it in the American press. It is deeply concerning for just as the propaganda has been turned up against Putin leading to unprecedented hatred of the Russian people, there is a major risk that the Neocons are turning the world to hate the American people as well. That is the requirement for World War III.

athens acropolis

The Pelopesdian War that ended in the defeat of Athens in 404BC has eery parallels to our current situation. Athens had defeated the Persian invasion. They then established a league of nations where various Greek city-states paid tribute to Athens to protect them from another possible invasion that never came. The arrogance of Athens was crowned when they took the treasury of Delos and moved it to Athens. They then funded the construction of their acropolis.

Athens Owl 449 413BC Egyptian Imitation

The Peloponnesian War (430–404 BC) was fought between the Delian League led by Athens and the Peloponnesian League, which Sparta led. The cost of the 26-year war led to the first major debasement in monetary history. The Athenian Owl, which was the reserve currency of the known world which many countries issued imitations for commerce, was reduced from silver to bronze silver plated.

Athens Emergency


Here we are already starting to see unprecedented inflation running at 40% in many places.  The arrogance that brought down Athens has infected Washington, DC and our politicians think they can sanction the world and they will all tremble.

Economic Confidence Model ECM Athen 455 404BC Martin Armstrong

Athens also followed the Economic Confidence Model perfectly. We are now following that same cyclical model into our day of destiny – 2032. The West will lose its power just as Athens. There will be a new world order, but it will not be Schwab’s Great Reset. The power will shift to China just as it shifted from Athens to Sparta.