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Do you Prefer Lies or the Truth?

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QUESTION: You seem to be anti-American. Are you on the right side of history?


ANSWER: Over 50,000 Americans died in vain for the Neocons and their lies in Vietnam when Communism was collapsing all by itself. I suppose you are the type that is your best friend is having sex with your partner, you prefer not to know because it would mean you have to accept the fact that you are a fool. It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to have to report what is really going on. For whatever reason, I have been put on this earth in a rather unique position where whatever the crisis has been, somehow I know all the players.

Early on, my model seemed to attract the rich and the politically powerful from around the world. I was even in Australia and the India Guru who started the whole TM movement sent a private jet and two chaps who tried to hypnotize me to get on the plane. For a stroke of fate, I had a friend who taught me the tricks of how to “influence” people for your desires as a defense.

You speak to them in a conversation and you ever so gradually keep lowering your voice. Next thing you know, you have them hypnotized. In speaking with these two professionals they were talking about controlling the world and they thought with my model this would be their missing piece and wanted me to get on this plane for a meeting in India. Fortunately, thanks to the training I had from a friend that at the time seemed far-fetched, I caught myself starting to go under and pulled out and accused them of this was how they induced so many followers. They said they were only trying to “relax” me. I threw them out.

That is only one such incident. I have had people try everything from sending in women to trying to install a plant on my staff. I have turned down offers of piles of money and always the objective has been the same. I have been tortured, imprisoned, but I was born with the strength to endure. I have often asked myself – WHY?

Armstrong Propaganda

They make you think being against Putin is patriotic. They are selling WORLD WAR III to you and you will cheer being their pawn thinking you will sacrifice your life or someone else’s child typically, so you can cheer the death and carnage on TV.  Sorry to tell you, this time it will not be on TV.

Every single war has begun on lies. Just in my lifetime, Vietnam was all started because the Neocons simply wanted to defeat communism. The Vietnamese never fired upon US ships and President Johnson lied to the American public and knew it. The Iraq invasion was all BS and far worse than Putin going into Ukraine. American tactics are it destroy everything and then hand them $1 trillion to rebuild. Putin could do the same, but he has not so they spin the story he is losing for this should have been over in days. That is ONLY true if he wanted to conquer Ukraine which he has said from the outset was not his objective.

Statue Liberty Planet Ages

The United States has ZERO national security at stake in Ukraine any more than we had in Vietnam or Iraq. The Neocons just like war. You are a total fool to think you are going to wage war for God and your Country. I lost most of my high school friends who were denied life simply so the Neocons could wage their disputes. They took out Kennedy and they removed Trump from office. In both cases, they were again engaging in their endless war games.

So wrap yourself in the flag when you sleep at night thinking you are defending America when in fact you are just a pawn to be sacrificed in the real-world chess game for power and vengeance. This will not end well. Remember one thing – EVERY empire, nation, and city-state also dies an unexpected death. None has ever survived.