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Anti-Religious Left Targets Muslims

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The anti-religious left originally set their targets on the “Christian extremists” who were ruining America. The far-left originally left Muslims out of the argument because they thought Trump’s refugee ban on Islamic nations would lead to votes for the Democrats. Since everything the woke agenda stands for goes against Islam, the left has turned on the community.

Democrat Kristin Mink, a member of the Montgomery County Council for District 5, criticized Muslim parents who did not want their young children to learn about adult content. “This issue has, unfortunately, does put… some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as White supremacists and outright bigots,” said Mink. “I would not put you in the same category as those folks, although, you know, it’s complicated because they’re falling on the same side of this particular issue.” So now Muslims are ”white supremacists.” Welcome to the club of the hated majority who is hated for simply existed outside the woke narrative.

In this particular instance, Muslim parents wanted the ability to opt out of teaching young impressionable children the LGBTQQIAAP2S+ agenda (yes, that is the acronym now). Mothers protested outside the school. Students joined in as well and said that they wanted to respect their religion. If you watch the video above, the sane parents are visibly upset. The other side is dancing around in rainbow flags completely ignoring the pleas of the parents, many who likely expected better education opportunities in America.

Armenian Americans, predominantly Christian, recently faced the same problem with public schools. The protest turned physical and numerous fights broke out. What would Armenians, who were only recently recognized for the genocide of their people, know about the struggles of the LGBTQQIAAP2S+? You’ll be hard-pressed to claim victimhood to people who may have lost relatives for simply existing.

Here is a teacher from that school in Glendale telling Armenians that they do not understand oppression. “I deal with a lot of the trauma of LGBT youth related to the hetero-normative, Judeo-Christian, patriarchal, imperialist, capitalist system that oppresses them…Armenians talk about the genocide but they received SSI but they don’t want to talk about the indigenous genocide in 1850, and the lack of reparations for indigenous and black people in this country,” the disturbed teacher stated.

OUT OF 2 MILLION ARMENIANS, 1.5 MILLION WERE MURDERED DURING THIS GENOCIDE!!!! But go on and tell us how you’re oppressed for being unable to tell little kids about sex.

The conservative Christians have been under attack for a long time in America. Muslims do not permit others to speak badly about their traditions and values. Christians have become immune to being the hated majority. No one is trying to erase the gay community, but the other side is trying to erase traditional values and religion. Christians and Muslims will unite under this cause to protect children from groomers pushing adult content into the public school curriculum.