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The CBDCs Are Coming

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COMMENT #1: Hi Marty
I forgot to mention the ATMS nearby where I live right now.. I use a Credit Union and their withdrawal limit at the ATM at the branch no less has always been $400 these past couple of years. So I would go to the Wells Fargo ATM nearby down the road where I could withdraw $1000 in cash. The machine would ask you if you wanted a mix of 50s and 20s or all 20s.
Well, this past week I went to the WF ATM where I have not gone for quite some time, many months. To my surprise, the withdrawal limit has been reduced from $1000 to $600.
So there you go they are slowly turning the screws to try to cage us all in.

REPLY: I opened an account at one of the top 5 just for convenience since it was down the street from me. Since COVID, I noticed they closed that branch and many others.  If you move to CBDCs, then banks no longer need branches for you can deposit a check on your phone, and they want to eliminate safe deposit boxes because they think people hide cash there.