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CBDC – The End of All Freedom

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QUESTION: Marty: You have mentioned that Trudeau’s freezing of accounts of anyone who donated to the Truckers was a test run for CBDCs. Do you think this is the end goal to control 100% of our lives?


ANSWER: Hopefully, this will become a Presidential campaign issue. But they are desperate to stop Trump. Congress, including the traitors pretending to be Republicans, passed legislation that NO president can withdraw the US from NATO. This will enable the Neocons to start war BEFORE the 2024 election, and this legislation is to usurp the power of the president, assuming it might be Trump to make it so that he cannot exit World War III. Every politician who voted for that legislation should be thrown out of office in 2024 – PERIOD!

That said, the CBDCs are intended to control our social behavior. This transforms society into a digital prison, which is why the Founding Fathers outlawed Direct Taxation. The rally to Marx at the end of the 19th century led to the introduction of the Income Tax in 1913, and they swore they were going only after the trich. By World War II, they introduced the Payroll Tax because Roosevelt’s Marxist agenda was to include Social Security, and we, of course, had to be FORCED to save for our own future. That became a slush fund that was restricted to buying only government debt to fund this Marxist agenda.

You are being imprisoned with every piece of legislation, like reporting $600 transactions through various cash apps. You have lost ALL your LIBERTY – you don’t know it yet. They could simply create some nonsense and prevent you from donating to Trump or RFK and just make up some nonsense charge. The January 6th had unmarked buses filled with federal agents dressed as MAGA supporters before anyone showed up to stage the event so they could charge Trump and use the 14th Amendment to prevent him from gaining the White House. The Democrats refused to let RFK in, and Biden refused to give him Secret Service protection. In Florida, they tried to remove any contender from the ballot to challenge Biden. This is all about creating war. They let the border open to allow terrorists in so they can declare Martial Law and restrict everyone’s movement. All FREEDOM has been lost!


crusing the people

colored_custom_year_text_9099237What Trudeau did in Canada permitted the bypassing of due process of law, which is the foundation of a free society. Wake up! Digitization of the monetary system will allow them to totally kill all dissent. There will be NOTHING left standing. This is what 2032 is all about. We are the ants beneath their feet. Anyone who thinks they care at all about us is an absolute fool.

We cannot stop it. This is NECESSARY for political change. This is them fighting to retain power when they fully understand that this monetary system is collapsing. This is not going to be this Great Taking. That would be an instantaneous revolution. They are not that stupid for even the army would rise up against them. This is about total control leaving you with your trinkets.

As this is rolled out, ONLY then will it open the eyes of the masses. Unfortunately, this is also why movements like Transgender, Black Lives Matter, you name it, are all about dividing the people. They MUST keep the people divided and fighting among themselves so they do not unite against the government, where the common denominator is FREEDOM.

Nazi Papers Please

It was Julius Caesar who said – Divide and conquer. Hitler attacked the Jews BECAUSE they were the bankers, and he needed to blame the hyperinflation on the bankers. He divided the people and then came – Papers, please! That is precisely what they are doing to us with CBDCs. This is the purpose of Gates’ UN-organized digital IDs. To prevent freedom of movement. Digital IDs to vaccine passports are all designed to prevent movement. Europe, as of January 1, 2025, will require visas from Americans to visit, and they will apply your social credit score to determine if you are eligible. Still, they intend to start World War III before that, creating an external distraction to divert people from the loss of liberty. This is the government’s objective- the enemy of freedom – as always, no matter what century or culture to look at.

Gates Digital ID