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Can Cryptocurrencies Survive in an Authoritarian World?

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QUESTION: Thanks for all the great information you share. I have a question regarding cryptocurrencies. Do you think all countries will try to abolish crypto or only certain countries (such as the US) in favor of a central bank digital currency? As of now, many countries appear much more accepting of crypto than the US. Thanks again.


ANSWER: This is a good question. Before the stupid sanctions imposed on Russia removed them from SWIFT, the IMF would threaten tax havens that if they did not turn over the people with accounts in their country, they would be removed from SWIFT. The sanctions against Russia have backfired, so now we have China and Iran setting up their alternatives to SWIFT. I would have assumed that they would have threatened countries against the removal from SWIFT if they did not shut down cryptocurrencies, for they would provide an alternative to CBDC and thereby skirt their end goal of 100% control and taxation. In trying to sanction Russia, they have lost their absolute power to abuse SWIFT to threaten countries. Theoretically, the tax havens could switch to China’s CIPS and say screw you to the US and EU.

As I have said, an EMP could wipe out the entire financial system and neutralize even nuclear weapons capability. I do not see how these people will succeed in dominating the world. Their abuse of SWIFT to punish Russia has undermined their power and the entire world economy. This is most likely part of the 2032 collapse.

I would be concerned about cryptocurrencies making the transition to what lies beyond 2032. That is highly speculative. I would tend to rely on tangible assets to make the transition to whatever the new monetary system will emerge post-2032.