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British Banks Close Accounts for Political Views – Wait for CBDC Currency to Appear

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Nigel_Farage_The_real_reason_Coutts_closed_my_accounts The Telegraph

We have a very serious problem. Banks, Media, and Tech Companies seem to be all pushing for the end of all our civil and human rights. The truth has come out now that the Coutts Bank closed down Nigel Farage’s accounts, and it had NOTHING to do with his finances that they told everyone. That seems to be a serious case of slander and libel. If they would do this to Nigel, how many others are finding their accounts closed?

Here in the good old USA, a gold dealer just informed me that his credit line has been terminated – not because he did not pay. The excuse was that they preferred it to go to zero, not back and forth. It seems as though rumblings of this nature in the USA are increasing. Others who have cash businesses like a bar are finding that they are being discriminated against because they take in cash. Even priests are having their accounts shut down for political reasons.


It appears that the bankers are gearing up for the new CBDC system where all cash is eliminated. The government seems likely to let the banks impose a social credit score and claim it is not the government doing that, so it is not unconstitutional. I suppose they intend to prevent people from paying for medicine or buying food if banks shut down their accounts for whatever pretend reason. I guess that will be the new slow-death penalty for disagreeing with the new narrative that COVID was just the trial run for these days.