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Bitcoin – The End of Cryptocurrencies?

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I just wanted to write to say thank you. You saved my marriage. My wife insisted I listen to you because you were right and got me out of gold. You also got me out of Bitcoin and I cannot thank you enough. These crazy people were touting a new age of knowledge and Bitcoin was going to kill the dollar and become the new reserve currency. Then one real nut said it was going to $250,000. You are right. When something spikes up like that, it grabs the emotions and you lose everything.


ANSWER: There was no possible way governments would EVER hand over such power to Bitcoin. These people have no clue about the age of knowledge, for they are trapped in the age of stupidity. A monthly closing below 2950 will confirm the long-term trend is turning down. A year-end closing below 4150 will point to a drop back to 775 area. It was a trading vehicle – not an investment class for the long-term. With the IMF telling all central banks to create their own cryptocurrency and the introduction of Blockchain in experimenting with tax collection, we face a very different future due to technology. However, it will not be a world of free-market cryptos that bring governments to their knees.