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BITCOIN & the Cryptotrap

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Bitcoin CME M 1 5 24

COMMENT: Hello Martin
I believe you are correct in what you say about cryptocurrency. I used to trade them but now they are changing the regulations in line with the UK government guidelines. Anything to keep track of you and your finances.
Thank you
All the best
REPLY: They are using Cryptocurrencies as they were doing with the vaccines. Those who refused the experimental vaccines were those who they saw as potential threats. They are looking at the cryptos the same way. Look, they are going after $600 transactions on any cash app. Even my bank wanted to ensure I had no income other than what they saw deposited in my account. This is the hunt for money. They will declare computers generating cryptos “banks” and require you to report event transactions eventually $600 or more, and if not, apply the same regulations and threaten you with 20 years in prison for money laundering. It is no longer worth it using a cash app.
If you want to trade BITCOIN, do it in the futures. I still believe that BITCOIN was started covertly by the government to get everyone accustomed to their end goal – CBDCs and total control. They could block you from even donating to Trump under this scheme. You will never get through the court system in time to declare the act unconstitutional.
BITCOIN is merely bouncing to retest to the former uptrend line from below. January is a crucial timing target for a high.