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2024 Election Interference – The Beginning of the End

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Congress and the UNIPARTY have authorized the  United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to continue until April, even when there have been nearly 100,000 violations of constitutional law, because it will be used against Trump. This demonstrates that even the Republicans do not want Trump in Washington. The city is so corrupt that no representation of the people or national security exists. The American Revolution was about no taxation without representation. We have come full circle.

2024 election

I have warned you that our computer has projected a significant rise in civil unrest after the 2024 election. I think it is slapping you in the face by now. Thirty years ago, they tried to hide the corruption. Today, they rig the elections, so they honestly do not care what you think anymore. This is all part of the decline and fall of America. I am glad I am too old to be here for that chaos.  NEITHER side will accept the outcome of the 2024 election.

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