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Cruz to Introduce Visa Requirement for all Europeans

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The ramifications for the refugee crisis in Europe are crossing the “pond” and arriving in the USA. There are mainstream politicians now calling for visa requirements for EU citizens because they do not know who are terrorists among them. Even Ted Cruz has been forced to jump sides after adopting Trump’s positions in part. Where Trump wanted to ban Muslims, Cruz is looking to ban all Europeans by forcing them to get a visa to visit the USA.

BREXITMerkel’s policy for refugees has moved beyond just a crisis. She is now undoing decades of free trade. It is more than just suspending the Schengen Agreement for free travel within Europe. Now, Cruz says he will introduce legislation to require visas from Europeans since Merkel has let a real mess inside of Europe. This is making the BREXIT look even more probable.

If the future of the euro was in question before, its future is appearing very dim to say the least. Of course, the politicians in Brussels will never admit that what they have created is total chaos. The real question becomes: how long can the euro survive with a central government losing both respect and confidence of its people? It looks like ISIS wins.