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Women Across America in Danger Thanks to Open Borders

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Laken Riley’s death by an illegal alien was entirely preventable. Absolutely nothing was done to prevent another similar situation from happening again, and now young women are being murdered by migrants all across America. The left has been suppressing these stories, but these women deserve justice.

In Chicago, where only criminals are safe, another young college student was raped by someone who should have never been in America in the first place. Elvis Hernandez-Pernalet of Venezuela followed a young woman home from the UIC campus. This coward attacked her from behind, raped her, robbed her of her jewelry, and fled the scene of the crime. This is the SECOND woman that Hernandez-Pernalet followed home from a train and sexually assaulted. He also has previous charges for robbing a department store. “[He] actually admits to the police that he believed he had killed her and [is] seen attempting to move the victim’s body,” said Hinton. Hernandez-Pernalet ran when he realized a witness saw what was happening.

A Haitian migrant from a country amid a civil war, seeking asylum, has been charged with raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts. Cory Alvarez, 26, was part of Biden’s disastrous program that has been using federal funds to FLY MIGRANTS INTO THE UNITED STATES. The Department of Homeland Security said that flying illegal, unverified migrants into America is a “safe and orderly way to reach the United States.” The government does not care about its own citizens, or anyone for that matter.

Human Rights


Ruby Garcia was a 25-year-old woman from Michigan with her entire life ahead of her. Brandon Ortiz-Vite, an illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal record, admitted to murdering her. He shot her point blank and left her body on the side of a highway. He was deported once in 2020 but managed to re-enter America thanks to Biden’s open border policies. The media is portraying this incident as another casualty of domestic violence.

U.S. Representative Hillary Scholten, a far-left Democrat from Michigan, finally acknowledged that there is a problem. “My heart breaks for Ruby Garcia and her family as they grapple with this unspeakable tragedy. The individual who committed this heinous crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I’m continuing to push for bipartisan immigration reform that both secures our border and makes sure that individuals who come to our country are fully vetted to keep our communities safe,” she stated.

Why are we not protecting American women? Why is the safety of our women a partisan issue?

Migrant women are being assaulted as they wait to cross the border. There is an ongoing open sex trafficking operation happening at the US-Mexico border that no one wants to discuss. “You have to pay with your body,” one migrant told the NY Times. “They raped us so many times they didn’t see us as human beings anymore,” she explained of her harrowing story where she was locked in a room, drugged, and repeatedly raped. They are also doing this to children. It is to sickening to discuss.

MeToo Kavanaugh

Joe Biden, Border Tzar VP Kamala Harris, and everyone supporting open border policies are directly responsible for this massive human rights abuse. The #MeToo crowd and feminists are silent. They’re OK with the situation so long as the victim can have an abortion after. The left insists that only the conservatives have a problem with millions of undocumented people surging our borders.