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Why this Manufactured Crisis?

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COMMENTS ON MASKS: Why, when wearing a mask, your oral health could lead to short term memory loss and eventually dementia.

By masking the problem we’re just making it a whole lot worse for everybody, one edict at a time.


Mask Box


REPLY: The real intent is to keep the people from mounting a revolution. Maska will not protect anyone. The box I bought from Amazon states clearly they will not protect you from any disease. Yet we are to wear them and in some places, you are jailed for not having one.


World Debt 230 trillion 12 2020 1024x518


This is all about preventing a revolution and civil unrest because they have been borrowing since World War II with NO INTENTION of ever paying off anything. Klaus Schwab has turned it around saying that there will be revolution UNLESS you accept his Agenda 2030. They then lowered interest rates to negative to try to stimulate the economy and failed. They now cannot raise rates and central banks are trapped. The only way out they see is to default, but they cannot admit they are the cause, so they must turn the tables on the people – the Great Unwashed.


Momentum Manipulation 1024x574


Our Momentum Model which peaked with the ECM turning point the week of January 11th, crash as it would in a normal situation. However, we then saw a paradigm shift where the brick & mortar businesses collapsed and the online soared. This was orchestrated and was clearly intentional. While that trend was in motion as online sales last Christmas beat Mall stores, what has taken place is that these people have “manipulated” the markets not altering the trend, but accelerating it dramatically.


Momentum Manipulation 2


Our momentum models peaked again in June and the market prices have been rising without strong underlying support. Even Jeff Bezos sold $3 billion of Amazon stock during the week of the election of November 3rd.

Keynes Morgaenthau


John Maynard Keynes did not have a degree in economics. Nonetheless, he was the top analyst at Bretton Woods. While everyone jumped on his theory of moving into deficit spending to “stimulate” the economy during a depression when everyone else was contracting, he also said that governments should lower taxes. Politicians have ignored the second part and have been eager to run for office promising to tax the rich and increase spending – exactly opposite of Keynes’ recommendations.


Unemployment blacks 11 1 2020 1024x381

While they have managed to manipulate the majority of the black vote by telling them that Trump is a racist, it was Trump who took Keynes and lowered taxes. That not only produced the greatest economic boom in the United States, but it resulted in reducing poverty and drove the unemployment among Blacks to historic lows. Nevertheless, the Democrats simply misrepresented everything and encouraged civil unrest. They create civil unrest and then say if we do not adopt Klau Schwab’s Agenda 2030, there will be revolutions. Lisa Herbold who is on the council in Seattle who called to defund the police ended up calling the police because someone threw a rock through her window.


Great Reset Crush Economy

The dishonestly behind this plot is so in-your-face because they know they have the press on their side. They are simply misrepresenting everything and they do not care because they know BigTech will censor anyone who points out the truth, so they assume the rest of the people are too stupid to see what is before their own eyes. These people have deliberately crashed the economy knowing that the poor will be hurt the most because they cannot work from home. They have destroyed hospitality to prevent people from moving to reduce the risk of organizing a revolution.

Kristalina Georgieva IMF



Here is Kristalina Georgieva the head of the IMF had to say. She is part of this Great Reset conspiracy to destroy the economy and then “Build Back Better” even shutting down Chrismas to divide families and undermine religion exactly as did Karl Marx.


“Today we face a new Bretton Woods “moment.” A pandemic that has already cost more than a million lives. An economic calamity that will make the world economy 4.4 % smaller this year and strip an estimated $11 trillion of output by next year. And untold human desperation in the face of huge disruption and rising poverty for the first time in decades.”




Poverty declined to its lowest point in the USA under Trump. These are the people who have advocated lockdowns yelling 1 million people have died in the entire world. The H3N2 (the “Hong Kong flu” back then) was a real pandemic that hit people, pets, and even zoo animals. President Johnson got it as well. The death toll was 4 million – 4x that of COVID and they did not wear masks, no social distancing did not destroy jobs and small businesses. Even Woodstock took place in the middle of the pandemic.

Guaranteed Basic Income


These people have DELIBERATELY created this crisis and then point to it as justification to change the entire economy and monetary system because they have screwed it up and can no longer maintain this failed system. The lowerest interest rates to negative, previously ordered pension fund must be “conservative” and invest in government bonds. Then they realized that pension funds are insolvent. So their next fix is to replace them with Guaranteed Basic Income and blame the rich as always. They are counting on the people being just a herd of dumb sheep. They make the poor really poor and then just that as the excuse to realign the economy they screwed up.

The longer this goes on, the higher the probability that they win. There will be no “build back better” because the world they envision is fictional just like Thomas Moore’s Utopia. There will be nothing left to fight for if people do not open their eyes!