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We are in Real Trouble

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The number of teenage suicides has skyrocketed. I have spoken to fathers who moved to Florida because their boys were suicidal under lockdowns as their dreams were all about sports. Now a father in Illinois has come out against the lockdowns after his son committed suicide and was dreaming of a sports career. Fauci, who is a disgrace to the United States, refuses to yield and refuses to be specific about when people will get their liberty back. He is ignoring the psychological impact of people losing everything and the rise in suicides and violence. All of this is because of Fauci’s recommendations, which NEVER in the history of society has any doctor EVER advocated shutting down the economy and society.

The journalists have blood on their hands because they REFUSE to report the truth and continue to push this nonsense that is all for climate change — not health. We have doctors warning that these vaccines may have serious implications going forward, from making people more susceptible to diseases to others claiming it will reduce fertility. The problem we have is the press calls this all a conspiracy theory but fails to point out that all the health organizations have been compromised, and politicians now cannot admit they made a mistake.

We have NO IDEA what these vaccines will do one way or the other. I spoke to one friend who developed a blood clot in his leg after being vaccinated, and he now needs medical attention to eliminate that crisis. Others learned that they need vaccines regularly and have been told they will only work for 6 months.  Something is seriously wrong, and the government, in league with the media, is not protecting the population at all.

It is unacceptable that anyone who utters a single word against this agenda is labeled a “conspiracy theorist,” which allows everyone to simply refuse to provide any independent proof that anything is trustworthy.