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Vaccine Jockeys

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People will always find a way to bypass the law. The tyrannical vaccine mandates have paved the way for a new career niche: vaccine jockeys. Those desperate to maintain their jobs or simply exist among the public have begun hiring people to take the vaccine on their behalf. This is highly illegal and certainly dangerous for the person being injected countless times with unknown substances.

Sadly, the practice is becoming more prevalent in poorer countries where the fee for taking the vaccine can supplement income. An Indonesian man reported that he has been vaccinated against COVID 17 times. The man said he was paid between 100,000 to 800,000 rupiah (up to $55.79 USD) for each vaccine card he could provide. In fact, he admitted that he once received three different shots in a single day.

Vaccine mandates and COVID laws are creating a dangerous black market. Desperate people tend to do desperate things.