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Using Fear to Gain More Power

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COVID Power Grab


The Press is not reporting all the protests in Europe. Millions of people are now protesting in virtually every city throughout Germany. The number of protests throughout Germany is far too great to even list them all. Major protests are appearing in Brussels, Austria, France, and Italy while the media is pretending nothing is happening on a grand scale and these people are really just criminals.

There were worldwide massive protests against these tyrannical leaders of governments. One must ask, why are elected politicians acting so ruthlessly when everyone knows someone with COVID and they experienced flu-like symptoms and did not die. They cannot keep this scam going beyond 3 years. Why would they be trashing their own careers if they really feared elections? The rumors from reliable sources remain that they want to use the pandemic to justify terminating elections or at the very least, rig them to pretend they were elected.

Italian Mayor on hunger strike

In Italy, local governments are beginning to protest as well. The Mayor of the Italian city of Messina has gone on hunger strike to protest against the government’s coronavirus containment measures. Nobody is looking deeper as to what is the real motive behind this fake pandemic?

Climate Change CO2 Global Warming

The reason why the press is not reporting the truth is they are just following orders like good Nazis. The press has, in general, become the enemy of the people. They are no longer engaged in news, but propaganda to create this new fictional world of the Great Reset where all fossil fuels are abolished and the world will be saved by electric cars.


These governments passed emergency power which they are NOT prepared to hand back. They are also just spending money without any appropriation and do not worry about debt because they intend to also default on world debt – that’s the Great Reset – you will owe nothing but so will they. I have explained that after talking to high-level bankers in New York, nobody will accept any European government debt as collateral even at 10% of its face value.

Reaction Rule

Reactions are a maximum of 2 to 3 years. Even the Great Depression complied with that rule – 1929 to July 1932.  This COVID Pandemic which has been orchestrated from the outset to redesign the world economy will fail. This is why we are witnessing a massive rise in protests now on a global scale because the majority are getting tired of the attempt to instill fear to achieve their economic goals. What these governments have done is fulfill our computer forecasts which were made back in 1985. NOBODY has been able to beat Socrates – EVER!

Nigel Farage 2019 WEC

Nigel Farage came and was our Keynote Speaker at the WEC 2019 event in Rome. He said he had to come because we were not just the “alternative to Davos” but we were the ONLY one to forecast that BREXIT would win when all the media laughed and said the polls forecast they would lose.

Crisis in Democracy 1987

Not only did we warn that the future would present a crisis in Democracy, but we also forecast that 2016 would be the first time that a third-party president could win, and that was 31 years in advance of Trump.


1 ECM 2032 Pi Turning Point 1 PNG

Trump took office precisely on the day of the Pi projection from the beginning of this wave in 1985.65. We forewarned that 2020 would be the turning point that would mark the beginning of a commodity rally into 2032/33 which would be 13 years in total. We also warned that CONFIDENCE in government peaked in 2015.75 and that this would be followed by a new age of authoritarianism post-2020.

All of these forecasts have come true, NOT because I guess better than anyone else. This is all based upon pattern recognition for history indeed repeats because the passion of mankind never changes.

Schwab Gates Soros

In the end,  these three men think they know better than the rest of us. The world will only survive because of them as they see it. Our computer has forecast the demise of their arrogant visions of grandeur. They will be remembered for generations to come just as Adolf Hitler will forever be remembered. They are destroying Western Civilization and in the process, they are deliberately causing the decline and fall thinking they can rebuild it back better. Sadly, they are ensuring that China and Russia will emerge as the stronger economies thanks to these zealots. Socrates will not be wrong on this forecast either.