US Pledges Another $1B to Ukraine

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid Zelensky another visit last week, where he pledged an additional $1 billion in funding. The US government now spends more per day on Ukraine than on the entire Maui crisis. The corrupt Pentagon, the Deep State’s favorite money launderer, insists that we must continue to supply Ukraine with weapons and funding. Where is the money going? Only those at the top know the answer.

The US government has now spent over $113 billion on Ukraine since the war began. This does not even count the money sent to the World Bank to help the war effort. I would like to think that the majority realize this is all one big scam. The Ukrainians certainly do, as they know their government is corrupt. A CNN poll from August shows that a slight majority, 55%, of Americans want Congress to stop sending money to Ukraine. This is really getting ridiculous.

The people should have a say in how money is spent. The government is funding this proxy war with the money they steal from us through taxation. They allege we have a say in who will represent us, and that person will go on to make financial decisions on our behalf. The only politicians who do not support this war are anti-establishment, as Neocons hide in plain sight on both sides. Biden said, or his handlers told him to say, he would back Ukraine for as long as it takes, meaning this scam will not stop unless a new regime is installed.

While the figure may not be accurate, the Department of Housing and Urban Development believes ending homelessness in America would cost $20 billion. Hunger Free America estimates it would cost $25 to end food insecurity in America. New estimates state it would cost $5.5 billion to rebuild Maui — a small sum in comparison. The government could do all three of those things and still spend about half of what it has on Ukraine.