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United Nations Handing over Names of Dissents to China

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United Nations 2

The United Nations internal ethics investigation has agreed that the U.N. Human Rights Office approved handing over the names of Uighur activists to China and the excuse really makes you wonder do they think we are just all total morons? They are handing over the names of these dissents because they were “primarily interested in good relations” with Beijing. I cannot stress enough that they are doing everything in their power to try to bring China into the climate dictatorship.

The wholesale destruction of small businesses that appear to be running around 30%+ in London, major cities in Europe, and in the blue Democratic states in the USA. Here in Florida, I would put it at about 5% or less in my area. This raises a SERIOUS question. There is no possible way cities like London or New York will survive as they have destroyed so much of their small businesses that their tax revenue will collapse. They are counting on a new future where there is no debt and they get whatever money they need to pay all bills.

Schwab you own nothing

We have been shown a leak from the Canadian government which we CANNOT VERIFY is real. Nonetheless, it outlines a communist takeover that follows the script put out by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. It says all your debts will be forgiven but in return, you will own nothing. They have lowered interest rates to the point that all pensions will fail. It seems that the only way these people can deal with the collapse of socialism is to move to communism. All of the mainstream media are now pushing this agenda. Just look at TIME Magazine.

I have worked with governments around the world. NEVER would they be proactive for they cannot win an election by preventing something that might happen. They have always preferred crisis and then declared they will get the guy that caused it.

We have to consider that this is a Communist Revolution on a grand scale and this is why they are so intent on removing Trump for then they will have the nuclear power of the United State at their disposal. Nothing that is normal politics is taking place no matter where we look if it is Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, or New Zealand. They need to get China and Russia to concede to pull off this agenda which our computer shows will not succeed. I am not surprised by their arrogance to put out this piece on their 8 predictions for 2030 ahead of the US election. They once again assume the people can stupid and will agree that they will surrender all ownership, pensions, and savings and they will be happy to be subservient. Perhaps if they crush the world economy they hope to be the savior with guaranteed basic income.