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Ukrainian Parliament Member: We Fight For This New World Order

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At around the 1:50 mark in this video, Ukrainian Parliament member Kira Rudik may have secretly revealed part of the plan. “We not only fight for Ukraine we fight for this New World Order for the Democratic countries,” she admitted. How can the New World Order be a conspiracy when politicians are openly talking about the plan? Putin managed to end COVID within 48 hours after the world completely redirected their attention as the powers that be intended.

Klaus Schwab has announced “full solidarity” with Ukraine, despite previously claiming Putin was once one of his Young Global Leaders. Putin would have been above the age limit to become a Young Global Ambassador at the time Klaus stated, and this claim remains unconfirmed. What is confirmed is that Schwab is a fan of Lenin while Putin has rejected Lenin and Stalin. Putin is not a Young Global Leader as Schwab was claiming. Schwab nominated Putin as he did with Merkle but neither attended his 5-year indoctrination program into his Leninist philosophy.

SchwabLeninBust 236x300

Here is a picture of Schwab with a bust of Lenin sitting on his shelf as an ode to communism. Yet, they are fighting for “Democratic countries” under Schwab’s plan of a New World Order? Something does not add up.