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Ukraine to Bribe Whistleblowers

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The corruption is so widespread in Ukraine that the government is offering whistleblowers payment for reporting any fraud. The National Agency of Corruption Prevention has created a digital portal for Ukrainians to report any suspected corruption to receive a reward. Tell-tales may receive 10% of the bounty up to 14 million hryvnias ($380,000).

A recent poll found that nearly 80% of Ukrainians admitted Zelensky is responsible for ongoing corruption. The same survey found that 89% of the population believes corruption is the #2 problem facing the nation, with Russia being #1. A second poll by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation found that 77.6% of Ukrainians believe Zelensky is “directly responsible” for ongoing corruption. Nobody in Ukraine thinks Zelensky is a good guy despite the Western media praising him as a fearless, noble leader. This is why they skipped over the most recent election because the people do not want Zelensky, who was installed by the West, to remain in power.

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Zelensky laid off his recruitment officials after finding out they were accepting $10,000 bribes. His administration tracked down men who paid a fee to avoid the draft. “This system should be run by people who know exactly what war is and why cynicism and bribery during war is high treason,” Zelensky ironically stated.

This new program will cause internal strife as neighbors begin to fear one another. Everyone recalls the tactics of the old Soviet Union where citizens were made to believe that their loyalty should reside in the government over their neighbors, friends, and family. We see the same thing in North Korea today and in many other nations. Even the US has a kickback for those who report corruption. I suppose this is the system Joe Biden used when he received his 10% for the Big Guy through Hunter’s dealings. This will not prevent corruption, but rather it will encourage the people to accuse their neighbors of being criminals for a government bribe. Is someone reporting Zelensky through this portal for funneling billions into Ukraine for a war that was planned out nearly 10 years ago?