Uganda Taxes the Internet Deny Access Unless you Pay Your Taxes

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I have been warning that there are no rules when it comes to the greed of government. Throughout history, the ideas behind taxes keep popping up in slightly different ways. For example, your freedom to travel can be suspended and your passport revoked if you owe the IRS more than $50,000. In Ancient Rome, it was not uncommon for slaves to be freed after a number of years of service. To free a slave, however, they also put a tax of the value of the slave freed. No tax = no freedom not unlike the IRS rule.

I have warned that cryptocurrencies would be subject to the whims of government and they can simply declare them illegal. Well, if you didn’t believe me, you have the crazy EU laws imposed on emails in Europe which can wipe out your company on a whim. Now, the Uganda government began on July 1st shutting down the internet blocking social media which included services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Skype just to mention a few. These social media apps were all made inaccessible overnight. Governments can shut down cryptocurrencies in the blink of an eye if there is money to be had. The reason for taking these actions are really bogus. The President Museveni claimed that idle talk on social media was costing the country vast amounts of money because the young are communicating instead of working when they would be producing more tax revenue.