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The World of Autocrats

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Biden Secon Term

Biden had the audacity to call Vladimir Putin an “autocrat.” Autocratic governments are often called dictatorships or sometimes autocracies. This is the pot calling the kettle black. The Democrats refused to allow any competitor on the Democratic ticket because they knew Biden would lose. The scene all along has been to draft Hillary in August so she has the honeymoon with the press, and Biden will take the fall in debates with Trump. They do not care and hope he looks really bad. They manipulated the polls just as the British did with BREXIT, trying to inspire people to vote against it because it represented a bunch of losers. The real numbers in the polls for Biden have slipped even below 10%.

Leyen Ursula von der

Let’s be honest. Biden is a hand puppet. The government is run ALWAYS by the people hiding behind the curtain who are UNELECTED. Even in Europe, the head of the EU, Ursula, NEVER stands for election. She is the hand puppet of the Globalists installed by Klaus Schwab. Europeans have no right to vote for the head of state, but we live in a Democracy?

Yet these people claim to want to start World War III all because Putin is an “autocrat” when they are no different, if not worse!

Owen Nuts

I know what Dementia is. The judge I had would forget who I even was. Only after numerous appeals and hints that this insane contempt should end did they finally remove the judge. They had no choice. I had gotten into the Supreme Court, and they ordered the government to explain what was going on. The corrupt Court of Appeals reassigned the case to avoid having the Supreme Court rule, for they would have been liable for billions in damages for a 7-year contempt on an 18-month statute where they stole even all the pension funds of our employee’s 401Ks.

We had 240 employees. The court of appeals knew Judge Richard Owen was senile and probably had dementia but protected judges at all costs against the Constitution. ONLY because the Supreme Court was stepping in were they forced to release me. As I said, New York City DOES NOT follow the Constitution. They are the most corrupt court in the land. It took a gang of lawyers to complain that Judge Owen was out of it. Someone like that can sentence you to death, and nobody will do a dam thing.

And we live in an honorable country? As Thrasymachus warned 2500 years ago, JUSTICE is only the self-interest of those in power. And they want to have our boys & girls die in war for their corrupt power?

2006 Supreme Court