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The US Govt Seizing Farmland under Eminent Domain

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The US government is seizing farmland in South Dakota and no one is discussing it. Summit Carbon Solutions is building a pipeline through northeast South Dakota beneath private property and has the full support of the US government. Private citizens are being targeted, and this is all technically legal under eminent domain laws. Republican Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota has turned her back on the people and is supporting Summit Carbon Solutions.

Farmer Jared Bossley first issued complaints that have widely gone unreported. Bossley has been threatened by the corporation. He has recorded video of surveyors trespassing on his property to decide how to begin the construction. They are planning to ruin his personal property, without compensation, and the government has given them the green light under eminent domain laws. They even entered his home while his wife was home alone and recovering from surgery. When Bossley reported the situation to the cops, Bossley was told that HE was being served for threatening the surveyors. They tried to use contempt of court to silence him. Bossley is among 80 farmers in the area who are facing eminent domain lawsuits from Summit Carbon Solutions.

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The carbon capture pipeline company wants lower emissions by taking liquid carbon from ethanol plants and storing it underground to meet ESG standards. This provides no economic value and is simply a ploy to adhere to the climate change agenda that is tied to the Great Reset. Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, a staunch World Economic Forum supporter, has said numerous times that the US may soon need to invoke eminent domain and seize private property. This is happening right now and NO ONE is discussing one of the worst abuses of private property laws in modern US history. This is just the start.