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The Political Theater of Absurdity

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Biden Yellen

StanleyMilgram 642x1024Do we have to wonder just how long will the press allow this complete farse to continue? Journalists have no sense of honor, for what they are allowing to take is devastating their own families’ future. Truthfully, if my children were a journalist selling this BS, I would disown them. The CDC has even reduced the social distancing from 6 ft to 3 ft. Then Fauci has come out and said that you can hug other family members if you are vaccinated. So here we have politicians, who Yellen has become, wearing masks when their own savior of the world, Dr. Antony Fauci, has said it is not necessary when people are vaccinated and they no longer need 6ft of social distancing.

Milgram Experiment 300x262This is all a propaganda agenda because what is coming is nothing but job losses and higher taxes, which will not be just the “rich.” Reliable sources are talking about putting a tax per mile driven as part of the Infrastructure Bill. They will say they need that to pay the $1 trillion cost, but in truth, this is what the real intent of lockdowns was — end commuting. There is no reason for Biden and Yellen to be sitting there with masks. This is all theater counting on the stupidity of the majority of Americans to believe whatever the government tells them.

Stanley Milgram, an American social psychologist, did research that peeled back the surface of humanity, which he called “Obedience to Authority.” In one of his famous studies, an assistant stepped out onto a busy street in New York City and stared upward into the sky. At first, people just walked around him and did not bother to look up. However, when four more researchers were added, forming a small collective group now staring into the sky at nothing, people suddenly stopped and joined in to see what was happening up there (Milgram, Bickman, and Berkowitz 1969). If there is an accident, cars will slow down to take a look. The whole line of traffic slows to a crawl, and yet, when you arrive at that spot, instinctively you will look to see what is going on. We call it rubbernecking.

The government knows what it is doing to impose the Great Reset without people noticing the agenda.