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Social Distancing Covert Tactic Against Civil Unrest

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The implementation of social distancing has clearly an entirely different intent and purpose which has nothing to do with this fake epidemic of COVID-19.  Going to this extreme of employing robotic dogs to keep people apart has the same result of preventing social gatherings which evolve into protests and eventually revolution. Protests against this global lockdown are erupting around the world. AT least 10% of the population will never be turned into mindless fools. Statistically, they know that because it is this same group that decides real elections.

We are moving into a new world order indeed – one of totalitarianism because all the socialistic promises are now starting to collapse. The unbound spending during this PLAN-DEMICS has destroyed the pension funds and the future over just about everyone.

At this stage, we will need Socrates to call the shots objectively for all the BS, speculations, and “I thinks” will not save the day for there is no precedent for such an economic collapse in the history of the world. Any personal forecast will be just a guess.