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Rand Paul & Why

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Brett Michael Kavanaugh

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was fully vaccinated, has tested positive for COVID. Obviously, getting the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting COVID or spreading it.

CDC on MMR Vaccine

There is something VERY VERY VERY wrong here. This is from the CDC’s website, which clearly has a section on the measles vaccine (MMR), warning that those who have these conditions should NOT be vaccinated.

CDC Covid Vaccine

Now here is the page from the CDC on the COVID vaccine. There is no section whatsoever to warn people who should NOT be vaccinated. Why? Once you have had a disease, you do not get vaccinated against that same disease. There is something seriously wrong here. Nobody will answer the questions, and you are to be fired if you refuse, and there are no exceptions. For every other vaccine, there are exceptions, but not with COVID. This is no longer medical; it is political. The burning question: