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Poster Boy for COVID Vax Dies Suddenly

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Yonatan Moshe Erlichman was an 8-year-old boy used by the Israeli government to promote COVID vaccinations for children. Safe and effective. He was only 5 when his parents subjected him to the experimental mRNA treatment in 2020. The previously healthy child suddenly died due to one of the main side effects of the vaccine.

“The boy reportedly slipped under the water after his heart suddenly stopped, causing him to drown,” Slay News reported. He was rushed to the hospital and remained on life support for a few days until he passed. His grandfather was a prominent doctor in Israel and his parents enrolled him to be the poster child for Shushki in the Land of Binyamin, a program used to “educate” children about COVID vaccines.

Countless children have died from these vaccinations, and no one has been held responsible. Sadly, he is not the only poster boy who lost his life. Argentina’s poster boy for the vaccination, Santino Godoy Blanco, was only 4 when he took his last breath. He was featured on posters that said, “vaccines protect us,” and perhaps his parents truly believed they would.

The “science” admits that these are side effects of the vaccines. However, in both cases, they say it remains a mystery why otherwise healthy children have died in sudden tragic deaths. Big Pharma is already off the hook and cannot be held liable for these deaths. They could prevent children from continuing to receive this poison, be it governments, health agencies, or pharmaceutical companies, but they refuse because profits and promoting the Great Reset matter more than young lives.