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Pfizer Never Tested the Vaccine Against Transmission

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Socrates has been predicting a downturn for Pfizer’s stock. Could this newly released admission be one of the culprits? A senior Pfizer executive, Janine Small, testified before the European Parliament’s COVID committee. When Dutch MEP Rob Roos asked about the vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission, Small revealed a well-kept secret.

“Did we know about stopping the immunization before it entered the market? No,” Small said with a condescending laugh.

Small claimed that they were under pressure to develop a vaccination as quickly as possible and could not be bothered with its efficiency. They were under pressure to provide Big Pharma and world governments with the greatest power grab in modern history. Hence, governments provided full immunity for the pharmaceutical companies producing these dangerous injectables.

They knew the truth, but Pfizer claimed that the vaccine would prevent transmission. They never tested this claim but stated it as a fact. The vaccine was “safe and effective.” Rob Roos released the above statement shortly after Small revealed the sinister truth. “Millions of people worldwide felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth that ‘you do it for others.’” Roos said. “That turned out to be a cheap lie.”

The unvaccinated were banished from society and considered selfish psychopaths by the mainstream media and world leaders. If you did not bend and get the vaccine, you were putting the lives of others at risk. Hence, this is why the unvaccinated lost their jobs, were prohibited from the free movement of travel, and were even subjected to COVID passports in some countries. All of these restrictions were completely and utterly useless — and Pfizer knew all along.