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OSHA Tells Employers Do Not Report Vaccine Injuries

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OSHA Suspends

What is coming in from HR departments is that to encourage corporations to force people to get these vaccines, OSHA has refused to follow the law which would require companies to report workers who fall ill from any work conditions. They have suspended reporting adverse effects from vaccines.



A local business that cuts your grass and takes care of your lawn can no longer operate. Its workers were vaccinated and they became ill. They cannot find people willing to work and are unable to provide services. Then for OSHA to suspend reporting vaccine injuries PROVES that there are far more injuries than the government is telling people. This brings us back to the burning question of WHY? Indeed, since this disease is no more lethal than the flu, then why destroy the economy, threaten to fire people, all for a vaccine that CANNOT eradicate COVID for it also resides in animals where it will always mutate and return annually just like the flu. There is another agenda going on here that is deeply hidden.