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New Study: COVID Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Over Time

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By now, we all know multiple people who have been tripe vaccinated but still caught the virus numerous times. CDC director Rochelle Walensky even came down with COVID last week despite following the “science.” Researchers with Moderna and Kaiser Permanente found that the effectiveness rate of three doses was over 50% after 150 days against a version of the Omicron variant. However, the study also found that the effectiveness of the vaccine turned NEGATIVE between 91 and 150 days, depending on the strain.

A negative vaccine reaction means it leaves the patient (victim) more susceptible to catching the illness. This is not the only study that found that COVID vaccine effectiveness turns negative within months. Moderna is attempting to brush this study under the rug, but now there is proof that the vaccines are, in fact, making people sick and lowering their natural immune responses.

If there were any legitimate health agencies left, they would immediately pull the COVID vaccines from the shelves. Instead, they continue to promote these deadly potions to the most vulnerable in our population.