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Medvedev warns The ICC Has Instigated an Act of Arbitrary War

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Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned the West and rightly so that the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant against his successor, Vladimir Putin, will have dire consequences for international law. But it would also justify immediate World War III. The ICC has been usurped by the Neocons and has lost all its integrity and authority whatsoever.

Earth Divided

The Neocons who have seized control of US Foreign policy are the aggressors and unless we overthrow them, we are headed into a dark period. They have divided the world economy and the loyalty of nations. Just as many who were in league with ancient Athens turned against them for their arrogance, history is repeating. Their usurpation of the ICC crossed the Rubicon.

Medvedev made it clear that the change in International law and the institutions themselves, such as the ICC, that were once to govern the world have been corrupted just like everything else the Neocons get their hands on. The No. 1 goal of Russia and China now in the context of this new divided world order is to reestablish international law. That is something coming from Russia which I have to confess is true. Between the illegal sanctions against Russian individuals claiming they support Putin, then why not confiscate all assets of those who supported Trump? It is illegal to single out anyone and prosecute them for their political beliefs.

Medvedev explained this on his Telegram platform.

“They decided to try the president (…) of a nuclear power, which is not a member state of the ICC
for the same reasons as the USA and other countries, … “There is a definitive breakdown of the international law system.”

As I have made clear, the rule of the ICC is that they have no jurisdiction over nonmembers, and that includes Russia, China, and the USA. Even the former prosecutor at Nuremberg has come out in protest against the ICC. The Neocons have usurped the ICC and it is now just a corrupt court no longer worthy of any respect. Under this theory, they should prosecute Tony Blair, George Bush, and the real leader of the pack Dick Cheney, and since he is in bad health, then prosecute his daughter for the sins of the father. Law has no meaning anymore so bring back full-blown tyranny.